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It's a Proven Fact that Smoking Ruins Your Looks.


Smoking cigarettes accelerates the aging process!


For 26% of Canadian women, their worst 'beauty nightmare' is the fact that they smoke! Smoking harms their hair, ruins their skin, wrecks their teeth & gums, darkens their lips, creates bloodshot eyes, stains fingers and nails and can even alter a woman's body shape!

Smoking is by far, the worst culprit ever when it comes to maintaining a woman's beauty. It causes a myriad of conditions that negatively impact a woman - internally and externally.


Quitting smoking is the best thing a woman can do for herself.


You Can Help Them Quit Smoking & Make Money!


Butt it Out™ - Canada's 1st all natural, herbal Quit Smoking Aid to be approved by Health Canada! Our Health Canada approved herbal medicine is the first and only quit smoking aid that can be sold outside of the pharmacy environment!


Butt it Out™ is non-prescription, non-nicotine based and it can be retailed virtually anywhere in Canada! Great news for you!



Take advantage of this opportunity * Help your clients quit * Increase your bottom line!

There are thousands of beauty products on the market. Most of these focus on one facet of a woman's beauty - shampoo for hair, lipstick for lips, polish for nails, etc. If a woman continues to smoke, she is throwing good money after bad. She needs to be free of nicotine before beauty products can truly be effective!


Butt it Out™ could be the most beneficial & ground breaking beauty product ever developed!


Turn back the hands of time * Reverse some of the damage caused by smoking * Quit Today


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Benefits that make this product stand alone.

Butt it Out™ is the safest and most effective quit smoking aid on the market. It is even approved for use by teenagers.

ButtitOut™ is all-natural, safe to use, non-nicotine based, non-addictive, reduces the desire to smoke, clinically proven to ease withdrawal symptoms, fights physical addiction and it confronts nicotine addiction in the brain and the body!


Butt it Out™ has proven to be 80% effective in helping people to quit smoking.


Create excitement in your establishment - with Butt it Out™


Can you imagine how grateful your clients will be when they have finally quit smoking successfully with the medicine you sold them. Word of mouth alone will generate you many new customers!


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Butt it Out™ 6 Pack Counter Displayer - Wholesale


Pricing Information for Retailers

Wholesale Cost: $105.00 per 6 pack ($17.50 per bottle) plus HST & shipping

Suggested Retail: $34.95 per bottle (100% Markup)

FOB Huntsville, Ontario.

Purchase direct from the Manufacturer.




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Throughout this website, you will notice numerous benefits about this medicine and why you should carry it in your outlet. If however, you have any questions or hesitations, please feel free to contact us at any time. We are here to serve - our mission for the last 15 years has been to help people quit smoking.

The developer of this medicine has been nominated for the Order of British Columbia and has personally helped thousands upon thousands of Canadians to Quit Smoking Successfully!

Pharmacist Testimonial


Somass Drug Store

Port Alberni, B.C.

My pharmacy has been selling the Butt it Out™ smoking cessation medicine from Paradise Promotions Ltd. for approximately 10 years. Compared to the other quit smoking aids we carry, including Zyban and Champix, Butt it Out™ is by far the most popular and effective medicine in the entire category.
Over the years, Butt it Out™ has proven to be 80% effective in helping my customers to quit smoking. Even our local physicians are recommending this herbal medicine to their patients to help them quit smoking.

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